Apple recently released a new online tool that lets you remove your number from iMessage. It’s a huge move for the company and one that probably hasn’t received as much press as it should. After all, Apple was sued back in May when Android users complained that their messages from older iPhones were lost in the ether, largely because they were once associated with iMessage.

If you’re unfamiliar with the issue, here’s the gist: folks who once owned an iPhone and switched platforms were unable to receive some messages sent by iPhone users because, on Apple’s end, those texts were still  being sent to an iMessage account. Of course, without iMessage on other platrforms, they weren’t really being sent anywhere, and folks on Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone were missing important messages. It affected users on all platforms, however, and was a huge bug that needed to be addressed.

A solution is finally here and we decided to create a quick how-to guide for anyone who is still currently experiencing issues with missing messages, particularly folks who have since moved on from an iPhone. It’s pretty easy, but here’s your one-stop guide.


  • Enter in the phone number of the device you’re having issues with.
  • You’ll receive a code on that phone, confirming that it’s the correct number.


  • Enter that code into Apple’s iMessage de-registration site.


That should do the trick, and you should now start receiving all messages on your device as SMS instead of iMessage. Apple also suggests that, if it doesn’t work, you manually turn off iMessage. If you still have access to your older iPhone, put the SIM back into it, connect it to a cellular network, open settings

Hopefully this solves your problem once and for all.