2012-tesla-model-s-display-screenBehold it in all its glory: the Tesla Model S touchscreen LCD. It looks pretty absurd, doesn't it? You could play a nice game of Pong on that thing.

Tesla board member and venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, one of the first owners of the Model S alongside Tesla CEO Elon Musk, threw this picture up on his flickr account. We see two TFT LCD displays, one of which substitutes the analog gauges on a conventional dash above the steering wheel and the other a total virtual replacement for everything you'd normally see in a center stack.

Jurvetson flaunts the Tesla website in the top portion of the large LCD while he showcases the Model S's Maps capability in the bottom half. We can also see the music artist and song duration in the dash, along with door status, temperature, date, range and speedometer information. Steve said that it's surreal when using the satellite view fully zoomed in, as it's like a live version of Maps on the road.

What do you guys think about a coffee table-sized touchscreen LCD smack dab in the middle of your car?

[Via: GCR]