By 2016, according to The Daily Mail, Futuristic: Orbital Technologies will be launching its program to bring tourists into space for a five night stay in one of their orbital hotel suites. The Russian company will launch travelers into space via Soyuz rocket for two days worth of travel, then guests will board their rooms with an experienced space crew for their stay.

The cost of such an excursion? The Daily Mail has it at a paltry £100,000 for the stay and £500,000 for the trek. That’s just shy of $1,000,000 USD currently, for perspective if you live outside of the UK and aren’t up to snuff on your rough £ to $ conversion rates.

But what’s $1,000,000 to a billionaire? For a week in space doing what has to be one of the most exclusive things on (off?) planet Earth, most people that could easily afford this would probably consider it. Heck, I can’t afford it at all and I’m considering selling off everything I own in order to start saving for the adventure.

Meals will be well-made, Earth-prepared, actual food sent up into space and meant to be microwaved for consumption. Given the short term of the stay, there’s not need to use freeze dried food substitues for guests. They’ll be eating “braised veal cheeks with wild mushrooms, white bean puree, potato soup and plum compote.”

Curiously enough, no where in the article were the details concerning the voyage back home. We assume passengers will simply be ejected into space with cement blocks strapped to their ankles. The Earth’s gravity will kick in the second they’ve hit the empty vacuum outside the hotel and guests will plumet to the surface far below. I mean, how else would they get back? Another space craft? What is this, the future or something?

Given the bucks, would you like to take the trip into space?

[via The Daily Mail]