Forget Valentine’s Day, the more important event today is the release of the second season of House of Cards on Netflix.

The first original streaming series to win Emmys, House of Cards has debuted its complete second season on Netflix today. Just as the media company did with the first season, and all of its other shows for that matter, all of the episodes of the new season are available at once for those of you who wish to binge view them as quickly as possible.

While this season completes the original episode order – an order that cost the company $100 million –  Netflix has already announced a renewal for a third season. No word as of yet as to when you can expect that set of new episodes, but seeing as the first and second seasons both debuted in Feb., a release in Feb. 2015 seems like a reasonable guess.

Do remember as you sit down after work today to watch the episodes, it is Valentine’s Day. Your significant other might want to spend some time with you… or perhaps you can just both binge watch the season together.