Roomba was just the beginning. If some of the new products we’ve spotted on the CES show floor this week are any indication, robots could be handling all your annoying household chores within a few short years. Here’s a few examples of the crazy house-cleaning technology we can’t wait to bring home.

Winbot 8: The window cleaning robot

This crazy gadget is basically a Roomba for your windows. It features a gravity defying design along with smart sensors that can remember which part of the window is already clean. It also knows when it’s reached an edge so it can start to back up. The Winbot 8 sports a 600mAh battery along with a back-up power pack, and once’s it’s done you can quickly grab it thanks to a built in handle.

Laundroid: The laundry folding robot

From the outside this robot looks like a regular set of dresser drawers, but inside it’s packed with some pretty impressive technology. Just throw your dirty laundry in the bottom and the Laundroid will clean it and fold it. It can even sort your clean clothes between family members once you’ve programmed in which items belong to who.

Laundroid was developed by Panasonic with help from a few other Japanese firms. It won’t actually launch until at least 2017, though the company actually demoed a working model last year.

Patin: The home robot for everything else

Developed by Japanese company Flower Robotics, Patin is a small robot on wheels designed to be your personal butler. It features a modular design on top that lets you attach various gadgets depending on what you need. That can include an air cleaner, a fan, a lamp, a robot arm, a coffee maker or even a flower pot. Then the robot uses artificial intelligence to follow you around the house.

This is just a taste of what the future has to offer when it comes to house-cleaning gadgets, but hopefully robots will be able to take care of all our chores pretty soon.