The footage in the video above is A) pretty similar to what see saw at E3 this year during Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s unveiling and B) pretty poor quality. But it has something else going for it – it’s live.

The video, recorded by DualShockers off the Tokyo Game Show live stream that aired via the Japanese streaming service Nico Nico, shows us a new side of familiar video. As I said, this is roughly the same slice we saw both at Sony’s stage and behind closed doors at E3, but as the video goes on, it becomes apparent how much less rehearsed it is. Aloy takes some pretty significant damage fighting the massive Thunderjaw beast in an effort to collect some important resources off it, and does a lot more running around and dodging.

Even with the poor quality of the stream, it’s clear the game is looking gorgeous at this stage, and if it can keep at this level of quality, it should be one of the best looking games around when it hits next year. The developer from Guerrilla Games spoke as the demo was played, spilling a bit more about the demo, including the standard “you can go everywhere you can see” line, pointing out the city in the far distance as something we can travel to.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game and is set to release sometime in 2016 – fall, most likely.