Between downloads and retail, Horizon: Zero Dawn has officially sold more than 2.6 million copies globally. The word comes from a press release from PlayStation.

It released on February 28, 2017, and it’s become the fastest-selling new IP launch on the PlayStation 4. The release included some boilerplate quotes from execs, but Guerrilla Managing Director Hermen Hulst tosses in confirmation of an expansion for the story.

“We’re thrilled that Horizon Zero Dawn has been embraced by critics and players alike. Developing the game was a labor of love, so it’s extremely satisfying to see that it elicits the same passion and enthusiasm from the gaming public that we felt during its development…

…This is only the beginning of Aloy’s story and our exploration of the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, with the team already hard at work on an expansion to the story.”

Yes, bring on that DLC

Kudos to Sony and Guerrilla for Horizon. I think it’s the best game the studio’s ever made, and I’m thrilled that sales results will lead to more content developed.

I do think Aloy is a bit too flat, so hopefully the story stuff that comes down the line brings us better characters.