Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t the only game I’m totally psyched for right now – both at E3 and in general – but it’s definitely at the top of both lists. The new demo we witnessed at Sony’s conference earlier this week only whet my appetite.

Along with the new look, we were able to glean a few more hints about the story. While we still don’t know what happened to put humans back in the stone age and elevated mechanical beasts to the top of the food chain, the newest footage suggests that the relationship between those beasts and the human tribes has reached a pretty natural state. That is, until “corrupted” beasts start showing up and disrupting things. This appears to be the impetus for protagonist Aloy to explore her world and find out about her past.

The new screenshots give us a close-up look at some of the predators we’ll be encountering, with beasts resembling alligators, dinosaurs and more. We also get some beautiful long shots of the world the game takes place in, which is sure to be one of the game’s most prominent aspects. I’m really hoping Guerrilla Games includes a photo mode so that creative players can get the kind of amazing nature photography going that this game is sure to promote.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to release on February 28, 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4.