Sony’s newest IP, Horizon Zero Dawn, might have a banner year ahead of itself. Word from SuperData, a sales research and analytics company, has it that the new game will sell extremely well in 2017.

They mark that Horizon Zero Dawn is likely to sell 4-6 million units in 2017, and its lifetime sales should be close to 6-8 million. SuperData Research CEO Joost van Dreunen spoke with MCV about the potential of the title.

“Initial positive reviews of Horizon Zero Dawn are promising for the Sony empire. The first wave of opinions by industry reviewers on Guerrilla Games’ new title, Horizon Zero Dawn, suggest that it will be a favourite among consumers…

…Horizon Zero Dawn is strong strategic move by Sony as competitors move in. The release of Horizon Zero Dawn is a key moment for Sony’s PlayStation, because hardware sales have been softening for Sony and the company is increasingly going to rely on successful game releases.”

Horizon Zero Dawn

The good news is that Horizon Zero Dawn absolutely deserves the commercial attention. This game is massive, and it’s well worth its $59.99 price tag.

I submit (as I did with my review) that it might lean a touch too heavily on other franchises, but there’s so much here to love. Check out Horizon Zero Dawn if you’re a PS4 owner.