Many of the world's biggest game studios are here in America or have been releasing big games for so long that they're just accepted names. When you're the only player in town, though, people take notice. That's exactly what happened with Netherlands-based Guerrilla Games with the release of Horizon Zero Dawn. Though the studio had published some big games before, none of the Killzone games hit with the impact of Horizon. Dutch public television has released a documentary about the studio and the making of the game.

The documentary clocks in at 47 minutes, and covers the process that went into making the open world and its art and the challenges the team ran into while creating the game. Some of the dialogue is in Dutch, but the English subtitles will help you through that.

It could be any game, really

While the documentary focuses on Horizon, it's about gaming in general, too, and how it does and could impact our culture. There's some pretty broad-view stuff that most gamers are going to shrug at, but this was produced for a public television audience. With that said, there are some great conversations with the team behind the game as well as a good look at the studio itself. The documentary took time to speak to journalists from other countries, as well as a variety of games at the most recent PlayStation Experience, as well, so we get a good view into areas of the gaming community we don't always see.