Rumor went around in April that Horizon Zero Dawn had been delayed into 2017. Now, we have some confirmation of that and a gorgeous new trailer to salve the wound left by the change.

This new trailer gives us a bit more to chew on with both the story we’ll be uncovering and what we’ll be doing in that story. The protagonist, Aloy, lives in a world where giant machines rule and humans scrape by in caves, hunting the machines as one would a mammoth. Aloy, it seems, is an outcast even in this strange world where humans are already at the bottom of the food chain. Something about her ties into the origin of those machines.

And while we’ve only seen her hunting machines in live gameplay demos, they won’t be her only target. There are other opposing human factions that Aloy must face off against. Additionally, it looks like Aloy can tame some of the beasts and turn them into mounts instead of buckets of bolts, riding atop one with her bow drawn.

It’s disappointing that the game is delayed, but it seems like a huge undertaking for a company that has previously done corridor shooters like Killzone so far. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it delayed yet again into next fall.

For now, though, Horizon Zero Dawn is set to release February 28, 2017.