When you travel to new places, part of the fun is taking pictures that capture not just the place itself, but that you were there. I had a great time taking photos in Horizon Zero Dawn. The beautiful world built by Guerrilla Games made me want to take pictures and capture the amazing places I found. Despite having finished the game, it looks like I’m going to have to dive back in, as the 1.20 update is adding a bunch of updates for the game’s photo mode along with some other fixes.

The game’s protagonist Aloy is getting a bunch of new poses, as well as the ability to look at the camera and make facial expressions. It’s tough to capture the drama of a moment when your subject is making the kind of face they make when they’re walking around the grocery store. In addition to the new poses, a grid is being added to help frame those pictures, along with new filters and overlays.

Quality-of-life enhancements

There are a bunch of tweaks that new players will get to enjoy, too. A bunch of small quality-of-life changes will make time spent interacting with merchants much less painful. You can now sell a whole stack of items with a couple taps, and even mark multiple items to be sold all at once. A bunch of menu, map and HUD customization options will make moment-to-moment play easier. If you’ve finished upgrading something, it’ll get a green check mark. If you want to do a certain type of quest, such as finding all the vistas on the map, you can filter map icons just for that. I’d argue that this is all stuff that should’ve been there from the start, but it’s good to see it integrated for those who have yet to play the game, or for when I eventually make my way back through.

The 1.20 patch for Horizon Zero Dawn goes live next week.