The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console, but there's one big gripe we have is it doesn't feature a true D-pad. Instead, the left Joy-Con features a four button layout that isn't very comfortable.

Hori is aiming to change that with its new Joy-Con controller that comes with a proper D-pad. From the images we see of Hori's new controller, it looks just like a regular Joy-Con, but with the addition of a D-pad that replaces the four button layout.

Like the original Joy-Con, Hori's controller comes with a joy stick, minus button, screen cap button, L and LZ triggers, and most importantly, a fun and whimsical color. That would be dark blue. It's not as playful as the neon blue Nintendo offers, but it still stands out. No word yet on if other colors will be available.

There is some bad news, however. You won't get the same functionality as a standard Joy-Con. It will only be usable in handheld mode, it's missing the inner shoulder button, and it comes without a gyro sensor, accelerometer and vibration motors.

However, the point of Hori's Joy-Con D-pad controller is to add functionality to handheld gaming. If you want to use the controller to play in dock mode (which you can't), might as well invest in a Switch Pro controller that comes with a D-pad.

Hori's Joy-Con will cost a reported 2,678 yen (about $25) when it is released in July. For the time being, it will only be released in China with no imminent release in the U.S.