Hopster is offering to reach Netflix levels of success targeting the toddler crowd. The media streaming app, meant for kids age 2-6, will offer ad-free children's content and games through an upcoming iOS app. The company is set to launch in November in the UK, with no word when it might expand to the rest of the world.

Similar to Netflix, Hopster—the name sounds suspiciously similar the streaming giant's failed spinoff Qwikster—will offer unlimited content for about $10 per month. But instead of showing previous seasons of Breaking Bad and cult classic horror films, the new service will offer episodes of classic kids shows like Babar and Paddington Bear. According to the company's founder, former Viacom exec Nick Walters, the app will include 800 TV episodes at launch.

Whether Hopster will prove a success or not is unclear. Walters has experience launching children's TV channels in Europe, but whether he'll be able to convince the likes of Disney and Viacom to sell him their content remains to be seen. Still, the app will likely be a huge draw for parents, especially those that already use Netflix to entertain their children but don't want them exposed to adult content.