The Honor 20 Pro is the latest phone to fall prey to leaks ahead of its unveiling. The surprise may be gone, but our intrigue in the phone has just begun because Huawei's mid-range line is getting the four-camera system that is making so much noise with the Huawei P30 Pro.

It's unclear if it'll be the same exact camera system, but it sure does look that way from the leaked images. You have the main triple-camera cut out that will house the main cameras, but then there is an extra sensor at the bottom. According to GSM Arena, the camera will include the Sony IMX600 sensor along with a periscope camera similar to the Huawei P30 Pro.

Beyond the camera, we also get a look at the different colors. We get the standard solid black and blue options, but there's also two other colorful finishes you can select from. The first is a mix of colors, going from blue at the top to purple at the bottom. The second is a white finish with hints of pink in the color. No doubt it'll be part of Huawei's multi-tone color options that are becoming increasingly popular.

The last image we got courtesy of Linus Tech Tips was of the display itself. Before you get too excited, it isn't much. It's just a small portion of the display, but from the looks of it, it looks as if it won't have a notch at all. That's from what we can tell as there is a strong glare hitting the phone at the very top where the notch normally lives. We're crossing our fingers that is the case because it'll make the display look that much better.

Huawei will officially unveil the Honor 20 Pro on May 21 in an event in London. We'll find out more about the device then.

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