Honeywell just fired a shot across Google's bow with its new Lyric thermostat, a connected device that will no doubt compete directly with the Nest Thermostat.

The Wi-Fi-enabled Lyric thermostat connects directly with your Android or iOS smartphone and, since your smartphone has location data, it can geofence around your home so that it knows when to turn on and when to turn off. If you're out at the pool for a while, for example, the Lyric may turn off the air conditioner to help keep your energy bill down. On your way back, the Lyric will notice you're nearby and will turn the AC back on to keep things nice and cool.

At home, you can adjust your temperature easily form your device or using the dial right on the Lyric itself, which has soft glowing indications. Also, the thermostat can be used to show you super useful information, like the weather outside or the upcoming weather forecast.

Honeywell said that it has a huge network of professionals who can help you install the device, but that a digital step-by-step guide should make it easy for anyone to do. There are even YouTube videos online, and an interactive guide, to help you follow each step as closely as possible. The Lyric will retail in August for $279 from Honeywell and its retail partners.