Pixar is one of the most beloved movie studios of all-time. Its sterling reputation includes many heart-tugging and gorgeously animated movies, but even it has suffered through low points, and that lowest point was Cars 2. In honor of the soon-to-be-released Cars 3, Screen Junkies took a crack at Cars 2 with an Honest Trailer that blows it up to smithereens.

The Honest Trailer starts as a roasting of the first two Cars movies, but in all honesty, the first one wasn’t that bad. It was no Finding Nemo nor Toy Story, but that bar is really high. What we didn’t know at the time, however, is how low the Pixar bar could go until the “tedious cash grab dumpster fire” that is Cars 2.

One of the most baffling moves in move history was opting to shift away focus from Lightning McQueen to second-fiddle Mater. Somehow, someway, Mater is mistaken for a high-ranking spy although he makes it abundantly clear he is no spy. And thus the half-baked movie is off to the races.

The Honest Trailer eventually goes on a full existential crisis when it tries to figure out the origin story of the cars. It’s probably best not to ask too many questions about them. Their only purpose is to make Disney and Pixar a boatload of money with toy merchandising.

The whole Honest Trailer is pretty funny. It’s fun ribbing the most prestigious animated movie studio even though we love nearly every single one of its movies.