Time for one of the year's biggest and most highly anticipated games, so you know what that means. Honest Game Trailer needs to roast it!

This time it has Nintendo's beloved Super Smash Bros. franchise in its sights, and it lambastes the series as "the most precise fighter of all time" or "a button masher a chimp can beat you at." As always, deep down inside, you can tell that the reviewer likes the game he is playing, knowing how little skill it takes to win once items are turned on, but he takes the time to poke fun at the other games in the series too.

He labels the original Nintendo 64 game as "the one you played in diapers," probably alluding the the age demographic of Honest Game Trailers… Hey, more like, the one you played in Middle School… that doesn't help. He also blasts Brawl properly as "the one everyone hates for not being Melee." So true, so true.

However, it is obvious he has taken a few liberties seeing as the game has not yet been released. He pokes fun at the appearance of Snake and the Ice Climbers, who we both know are not going to appear in the final Wii U version of this new game. Either way, he calls this one out for starring "bottom of the barrel" Nintendo characters, but he's not entirely right with this criticism.

Star Wolf didn't make the cut from Brawl.

He makes a blanket statement covering most of the cast as "attack of the clones," but the best is the WiiFit Trainer bit… priceless. It's not the show's best entry, maybe because I am actually looking forward to the game it is roasting this time, but it's good for a laugh. It also closes out with some gorgeous trash-talking.

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