We’ve seen a lot of crazy EV concepts over the years. Some have looked better than others. Recently, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Honda unveiled probably our favorite one so far in the Urban EV—a throwback to hatchback Civics of the 70’s.

Honda’s concept returns the same similar boxy chassis, but with a futuristic take. Even the muted pearl paint job that was popular at the time is a great detail. The body dons a refined finish that’s less rugged than its predecessors.

Up front is a simple grill with circular DRLs and a light-up Honda logo as the centerpieces. The most noticeable detail are the wheels that are also a call-back to a design that was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Honda made sure the wheels looked even better with hardly any wheel-gap at all. This look is completed with the suicide doors.

Coming inside, and you’ll notice that it’s just a concept finish through and through. It dons a long flat single sofa-like seat, square steering wheel and long center display that won’t ever see the light of day as a production car. That being said, the inside doesn’t really matter, What matters is the exterior becoming a real car we can actually drive.

Honda said the Urban EV will be the basis for a production model that will be announced in 2019. That bodes well for anybody that likes the concept.

The Urban EV and the cars it influences will follow the Clarity EV from Honda that is already on the road in the U.S. and Japan. Just like past concepts from Mini, Jaguar and others, it is more of a rough estimation for what future EVs can look like than what they will look like.

We are hoping something like the Urban EV does hit the road at some point in the future.