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Honda has reaffirmed its commitment to Apple's CarPlay platform and promised that the first vehicles equipped with CarPlay and Android Auto systems will arrive next year. Honda was one of the first to pledge its support for Apple's automotive platform when it was debuted last March.

Since then, however, we've heard very little about the Japanese company's plans to support either platform — but now Honda has confirmed that both Android Auto and CarPlay will be available with its 2016 Honda Accord lineup.

Plans to bring the platforms to other Honda vehicles are yet to be confirmed, but Honda America Research and Development head Frank Paluch promised that this is "only the beginning."

Honda is one of 34 manufacturers that have promised to support CarPlay so far, according to Apple's website, but only a small few have actually launched vehicles with CarPlay systems. However, users can now buy aftermarket CarPlay head units from Pioneer.

It's a similar story for Android Auto, which has also been slow to market following its initial unveiling at Google I/O last June. 30 car makers have vowed to support the service, but only three have launched cars with Android Auto baked in.