Honda Fit Shes

What madness is this? I’ve seen insultingly lower-spec’ed smartphones in soft colors being marketed to the ladies, but this female-oriented car takes the cake.

You’d think the Honda Fit She’s comes pre-loaded with Pamprin in the glove box, a lipstick holder where the cigarette lighter would be, and spoken alerts voiced by Robert Pattinson. It doesn’t, but it’s not that far off: Aside from the bad grammar, the noteworthy things about this vehicle are the windscreen that supposedly helps prevent wrinkles and an AC/air system that claims to improve the look and health of skin.

Well, surely there must be some dudes out there who’d be interested in this sort of “advanced” technology. Oh, but no, this vehicle is not for them. If there was any confusion about that, the car comes in pink on the inside and out, as well as other “eyeshadow”-type colors. (Insert eyeroll here.)

Honda would have a hard time explaining this one to women of the western world. And so it won’t; the company’s taking this bit of stereotyping over to Japan, where gender conventions are still common. According to, “As much as half of all Japanese women stay out of the workforce and still more tend to shift to homemakers after getting married. But even for those women who do join the workforce, there is more of a divide in tastes than one might find in Western countries.” (That explains all those adult female Hello Kitty fanatics.)

Still, that doesn’t mean that countries like the U.S. haven’t seen their fair share of wacky “lady” rides — from Chrysler’s 1955 Dodge LaFemme (with its pink-and-white motif and special storage for handbags and hats) to the 2000 Ford prototype Windstar minivan, a kooky “innovation” that came with a washer/dryer, microwave and vacuum cleaner.

[Via The Daily Mail]

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The Honda Fit She is so bizarro... What do you think? Do you know a "she" who'd be into it?