Mercedes and Google aren’t the only firms in California working to get self-driving cars on the roads. Honda recently started testing its autonomous vehicle at the former Concord Naval Weapons Station on the outskirts of San Francisco, Reuters said Tuesday, noting that the automaker also plans to open a new facility in Michigan.


Unlike Google and Mercedes, however, Honda’s vehicle isn’t a completely new model. Instead, it’s a special version of the Acura RLX that’s outfitted with special cameras and sensors that allow it to drive without a driver in control of the wheel. It’s similar to what Audi is also doing with its A7 Concept, which drove itself from California to Las Vegas for the 2015 CES.

Honda’s testing grounds at the former naval base is a  “controlled environment that can be continuously modified,” the company explained. Reuters said that Honda will eventually work with a “consortium” of automakers that will also test vehicles on the 5,000 acre space. The company has not said when its self driving car will hit the roads for consumers.