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As a new mom, trying to find the best baby monitor for your kid can be a challenge. There are so many options; it's easy to get overwhelmed! I've spent a considerable amount of time researching the best video baby monitors on the market and found that they can range from pretty basic to feature-packed. You don't need a temperature sensor in your baby monitor, but if you wanted everything for your child, wouldn't you want one?

I found the HOMIEE 720P Wireless Video Baby Monitor to be excellent and would recommend it to all parents looking to get the most out of their purchase. This monitor is jam-packed with features and the HOMIEE monitor is a great choice for parents looking for those high-tech features. It's a bit pricey, but all things considered, I believe it's well worth the investment.

This monitor is your homie

HOMIEE Video Baby Monitor

HOMIEE 720P Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Bottom Line: The HOMIEE 720p Wireless Video Baby monitor wins amongst the competition for best (and most) features. It's a great option to keep an eye and ear on baby, though it can take some adjusting when trying to figure out the controls.


  • Great, clear display
  • Tons of features, like built-in lullabies and feeding alerts
  • Adjustable customization options
  • 1000-foot transmission


  • Adjustments are somewhat confusing
  • Night vision not consistent
  • Short battery life

Wireless watching What I loved

HOMIEE Baby MonitorSource: Techno Buffalo

The HOMIEE uses a safe, wireless connection, meaning you don't have to connect to Wi-Fi to use it, and no hackers can tap in and watch your family with you; hooray! It has a large five-inch display so you can see your child in detail. You get a crystal clear image that allows you to monitor your baby's activities in real-time with no delay, and it's effortless to operate; you just plug and play. It features baby-friendly night vision using an invisible infrared camera that won't emit a strong red exposure and, therefore, won't wake up your sleeping baby.

The 2-way audio is a great way to comfort her when she's distressed and I can't get to her right away.

As far as audio is concerned, the two-way audio is a great way to comfort the baby when she's distressed and I can't get to her right away. The five built-in lullabies are a plus at nap and bedtime, and you can turn them on and off using the display console from anywhere in your house. Unfortunately, you can't adjust the volume in which the baby hears them, which is one thing I would change. They're a bit too loud, in my opinion.

I'll be honest; it took me a while to figure out how to adjust the volume and brightness on this monitor. It doesn't have dedicated buttons for these adjustments, which is a little confusing at first. To adjust the volume and brightness, you need to hit the shortcut button on your display pad and then use the appropriate arrows to get to your desired setting (there are eight levels of volume and brightness for you to tinker with). Once you figure out how to adjust these settings, it's all gravy.

HOMIEE Baby MonitorSource: Techno Buffalo

There are four options for sound detection — off, low, medium, and high — so you can set how loud your baby needs to cry for the monitor to pick up her sounds. This feature is really nice, especially if you want to tune out soft sleep sounds but be alerted when your baby is screaming.

Another cool feature on this monitor is the ability to set feeding alerts. I don't use this setting because my baby is older and always lets me know when she needs to feed; I don't need an alarm to notify me as well. However, this feature would be especially helpful for parents with newborns or young infants who need to wake their baby every 2-3 hours to feed. You can set feeding alerts from 2.5 to 5.5 hours apart, or you can turn off the function altogether.

There's a visual soundbar on the front of the display console, so you can see if your baby is fussing or crying without having the sound detection on.

One of my absolute favorite things about this monitor is the LED light-up visual soundbar. You can see if your baby is screaming at a level 10 rather than have to actively listen for it, and for me, that's an enormous plus.

This monitor can also keep track of the temperature in your baby's room. You can set the display to Celsius or Fahrenheit and choose to get temperature alerts if the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit or drops below 15 degrees Celsius/59 degrees Fahrenheit. I've found the thermometer to be pretty accurate, according to my thermostat.

Another fantastic feature of this video monitor is the 1000-foot transmission. I can carry my display with me to every room of my house as well as my backyard and get perfect audio and video playback. If you step out of range, it will alert you.

Navigating the HOMIE What could be better

HOMIEE Baby MonitorSource: Techno Buffalo

While this monitor offers a lot, one sticking point is definitely the controls. I wish the volume and brightness adjustments had dedicated buttons. I didn't think I was able to adjust the volume on the monitor at all at first. Plus, the instructions aren't great at explaining that you need to hit the shortcut button if you want to adjust those two settings.

Figuring out how to switch screens quickly presents another learning curve. To switch screens, you have to hit whatever button you picked twice to turn the settings screen off and go back to your live video feed. So, if you hit the menu button, you'd go in and adjust your settings, and then you'd hit the menu button again to exit that screen. The same story goes for every button except for the talk button.

HOMIEE Baby MonitorSource: Techno Buffalo

When it comes to picture, the light sensors on this monitor are pretty sensitive. At first, I was confused as to why I was only getting a black and white picture. Then one day, I saw the display in color, and I realized it had been in night mode the entire time. The environment needs to be extremely bright in the baby's room to switch to a color image.

Lastly, the battery life on this monitor is fairly short in comparison to other models I'm familiar with. You get five hours with the monitor and display always on, and eight hours with the monitor in power-saving mode. I leave mine plugged in if I can.

Bottom line

HOMIEE Baby MonitorSource: Techno Buffalo

To wrap things up, the HOMIEE 720P Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a great option if you're a parent looking for a lot of features.

3.5 out of 5

It uses a wireless connection, has a large display, and excellent sound detection. You have the opportunity to really adjust your settings, so you can get the perfect audio and video playback for every given situation. It provides a crystal clear image, whether it's day or night, and you can adjust your brightness settings to fine-tune your video playback even further.

There's also the bonus of having a built-in thermometer, lullabies, and the ability to set feeding alerts. It takes the cake as King of Best Features and is a substantial investment for any family looking for a feature-heavy monitor. I'd highly recommend this product to any family in the market for a great video baby monitor with excellent features.

Meet your new HOMIEE

HOMIEE Video Baby Monitor

HOMIEE 720P Video Baby Monitor

Excellent features

The HOMIEE 720P Video Baby Monitor features a 5-inch dedicated LCD display, crystal-clear image and superior night vision, two-way audio talkback, five built-in lullabies, eight-volume and brightness settings, four-volume detection settings, feeding and temperature alerts, and a 1000-foot transmission.

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