In the world of classic space RTS games, few are revered and recalled as much as the two Homeworld titles. When THQ went bankrupt in 2013, Homeworld was one of several IPs auctioned off. The purchasing company? Gearbox Software, makers of Borderlands and, yuck, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Gearbox went on to announce a Homeworld Remastered Collection. That’s bringing the games into more modern graphical design and collecting them under a low price of $34.99. The collection launches on Feb. 25 for the PC platform.

Today, we have a brand new cinematics trailer that checks in with a 4K resolution. Enjoy that, fellow Homeworld nerds.

We’ve reached out to review the collection and produce some gameplay videos for it. If we’re able to snap that up, you’ll see our thoughts on the Homeworld Collection in the coming weeks.

Until then, are you taking a trip down memory lane with Homeworld Remastered? Or, are you hoping to dive in for the first time?