Apple’s smart speaker is now available for pre-order in multiple countries, meaning you’re only a few weeks away from seeing what the Siri-powered device can do in your home.

The HomePod, which was announced last year at WWDC 2017, comes in your choice of black or white. No matter the color, its price is set at $349.

Although it seems expensive, Apple CEO Tim Cook believes the HomePod will quickly prove itself to be the best smart speaker in the world. Cook told the Financial Post that companies like Amazon and Google haven’t focused on the listening experience so much, and he feels their strategy of releasing first-party hardware while having licensees doesn’t make sense.

The pricey smart speaker coming from Apple features the A8 processor, a high-excursion woofer, a six-microphone array, a seven-tweet tray, and the brainpower of Siri.

Availability is somewhat limited to start. The HomePod is only sold in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. In the coming months, France and Germany will join the mix. Apple, however, hasn’t said where else the HomePod would be sold and when.

If you’re interested in the HomePod, head over to Apple’s site now and pre-order a unit. It’s likely that Apple will go out of stock pretty quick considering the hype behind this product, so don’t take long to make a decision.

Anyone who lands a pre-order or waits until the HomePod is officially available will finally be able to talk to the smart speaker on February 9.

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