Now that we know the HomePod will be available February 9, it’s time to truly assess whether you are willing to shell out $349 for Apple’s smart home speaker. If you decide to buy one, you might want to also invest in AppleCare+, of which you will only have to pay $39 more.

The price was first reported by 9to5Mac. It was confirmed through a document distributed to Apple Stores in the U.S. The AppleCare+ plan will also cover AirPort products and take care of accidental incidents that may damage the speaker. Like with other Apple products, the HomePod won’t be covered for cosmetic damage under the Apple Care+ plan. If you do happen to need to take in the HomePod for repair, you are subject to a $39 service fee.

In total, HomePod customers who opt to go with Apple’s insurance coverage will be covered for two years of in-store repairs and over-the-phone support.

The $39 AppleCare+ for the HomePod is one the cheapest coverages for any Apple product. The only product has a cheaper AppleCare+ plan is the Apple TV, which costs $29. That’s likely because it is a home appliance and you won’t be moving it around as much as you do an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, hence their pricier coverages.

It’s good to know if you invest a hefty $349 on the HomePod, and the additional $39 AppleCare+, you will be completely covered for two years and it’ll still be cheaper to own than a Google Home Max ($399).

If you are considering buying a HomePod, pre-orders begin January 26.