A company named Fibaro announced several new HomeKit-enabled sensors on Thursday, all of which should make excellent additions to a smart home. They’re among the first sensors I’ve ever heard of that tie right in with Apple HomeKit, which means they’ll work in tandem with Apple devices that run Apple Home.

Three Fibaro sensors were announced, including one for flood detection, another for motion detection and a door/window sensor. The flooding sensor is particularly compelling to me since I own an older home with a basement that’s prone to flooding during heavy rainstorms. This specific sensor sports gold telescopic probes that can detect water and alert any device with Apple Home or the Fibaro app. There’s also an LED indicator and an acoustic alarm, in case you’re home when flooding starts. Siri is also supported, so you can ask for the temperature wherever the sensor is located.

The motion and door/window sensors are pretty self-explanatory. Fibaro’s motion sensor looks bad-ass, though, sort of like a blue Eye of Sauron. It utilizes Bluetooth LE and can be placed on any surface in the home to alert a user if there’s motion in a room when there shouldn’t be. Unlike other sensors, Fibaro’s also has a built-in accelerometer so, in the case a thief tries to remove it, it’ll sense it’s being tampered with and will set off an alarm. The door/window sensors also use Bluetooth and will ship in seven different colors so they don’t stand out against your frame.

First HomeKit sensors to launch by year end

Fibaro’s flood sensor and motion sensors will retail for $69.99 a pop, while the door/window sensor will sell for $59.99. Fibaro said you can expect to find them online and in stores by the end of the year.