Homefront: The Revolution launches next week, folks. Did you sort of forget about this one? I almost did.

Deep Silver, the publishers for this sequel, and developer Dambuster Studios have released a fresh story trailer to re-prime the official hype pump.

Homefront: The Revolution takes place after the events of the original Homefront. The year is 2029, and North Korea has completely taken over the United States after a successful invasion. Players join the Philadelphia Resistance in order to spark chaos and turmoil to fire up a violent revolution.

The game looks great, though the Homefront brand has to escape the shadow of its original’s failures. That title was absolutely slammed critically when it launched back in 2011. Fans didn’t hate it quite as much.

Homefront: The Revolution arrives after changing a lot of hands. THQ was developing the sequel, but they were forced to stop as the publisher and games maker filed for bankruptcy and shut down. Crytek bought the rights to make and publish the game, and they were going to do so with help from Deep Silver. In 2014, Crytek hit financial issues and handed over full development and publishing to Dambuster and Deep Silver.

That’s where we are now. The game will release for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 17, 2016. We’ll have more on it as it comes.