LEGO Worlds hit Steam Early Access this week, but lets not forget about that other northern European cult of assembly. Home Improvisation, the gamejam game inspired by Ikea, made its debut this week as well.

The original gamejam game came with a few different pieces of furniture and one task: Using only the briefly-glimpsed picture on the front of the box, assemble the parts before you into a usable piece of furniture. It was immediately a funny, compelling idea.

Now that it’s in early access, the game has been beefed up with a bunch of new furniture, new rooms, new tools, and new modes.

While the goal is, ostensibly, to build the furniture pictured on the box, why would you do that when artistic license is available? We’re creating modern art, here. Using the newly added Peg and Hole guns, you can stamp a new peg or hole onto any pieces of furniture to ensure that the random slat of fiber board you have laying around has somewhere to go, even if it’s right in the middle of someone’s fancy new leather chair.

The game is playable locally by up to 5 players at a time, ensuring that, just like in real life, you’ll end up yelling at your friends and then crying over inexpensive (yet surprisingly durable) Swedish home furnishings.

The team behind the game plans to add online multiplayer, Steam Workshop integration (c’mon modders, there’s a whole catalog to replicate), more rooms, and more furniture as they work to complete the game.

The game is available now on Steam Early Access for $9.99.