The notion that BlackBerry is the de facto choice for corporations is further being challenged, AllThingsD reported earlier this week. Sources say that Home Depot, your dad’s favorite all-purpose store, will outfit about 10,000 corporate and managerial staff with iPhones. It looks like the allure of BlackBerry 10 wasn’t enough. Or the horrible fact that the Z10 won’t even be out until the end of March helped Home Depot’s decision.

BlackBerry’s enterprise dominance has been fiercely challenged by the Android and iOS uprising over the past few years. With the announcement of BlackBerry 10—and very probably the BlackBerry Q10 specifically—BlackBerry was no doubt hoping to reverse that trend, but it doesn’t seem to be working. At least not immediately.

When contacted by AllThingsD, BlackBerry didn’t address Home Depot’s defection directly, but instead declared that over 2,700 unique businesses have already pledged allegiance to the BB10 cause here in the U.S. Still, it’s got to sting when a big customer flies the coop for a device BlackBerry competes against.