Microsoft finally opened up HoloLens pre-orders for its $3,000 developer edition on Monday. The holographic headset comes with plenty of software and apps, but it also includes a pretty big surprise: three awesome augmented reality games to help inspire developers.

The most exciting of the three HoloLens games may be Young ConkerIt’s a spinoff of the popular Conker series, which turns any room into the setting for classic platformer fun. Conker can run around your house and even climb up the walls if floor space is scarce. He’ll also react differently to specific environments. He’ll bounce on your couch or feign vertigo while standing at the edge of a table, for example.

Next up is Fragments, a high-tech crime thriller where you search for clues to solve mysteries. The game uses HoloLens’ room-scanning technology to hide objects. It can put an important thumbprint on an object, and then place it behind a coffee table so you don’t immediately see it until you get up and walk around.

Finally, there’s RoboRaid, which Microsoft previously revealed as Project X-Ray. This first-person shooter has you fighting off an invading army of robots as they tunnel through the walls of the room. The game also uses spatial audio so you know if you’re under attack from behind.

I actually had a chance to try RoboRaid for myself last month and I can confirm that it’s pretty awesome. At the time, the game required an Xbox controller to work, but it looks like Microsoft’s added support for finger gestures.

All three of these games look great, and hopefully we’ll have a chance to try them out pretty soon. If you were already on the fence about ordering a HoloLens for yourself, this might be enough to convince you.