Dying to try Microsoft’s HoloLens for yourself? Well we have good news and bad news. The good news is the company just opened an ongoing “HoloLens” experience showcase at its new flagship store in Manhattan. The bad news is it’s only open to developers, though there is a bit of a roundabout.

We understand why Microsoft would limit its demos to developers. After all, the company needs plenty of interesting apps and games running on the HoloLens at launch if it wants the augmented reality headset to succeed. Earlier demos across the country have also apparently drawn huge crowds of developers, often filling up completely within 90 minutes of being announced. You can still try it, even if you’re not some well-known developer, though.

We tried following the registration link, included in the source below, and were able to schedule an appointment easily. If you’re not a developer, it’s a cinch to create a free account. We can’t see Microsoft actually pushing people away just because they aren’t expert developers – it probably just wants an orderly appointment system in place, instead of allowing any Joe to walk in off the street.

Microsoft is set to sell the first units early next year, though they’re aimed at developers as well and cost $3,000 each. It’s unclear when the company plans to launch a consumer version, but by then there should be plenty of cool third-party apps to try out.