Movie Piracy

Movie studios want to take every step possible to curb online piracy of films, but perhaps they should start with cleaning out their own houses?

TorrentFreak enlisted the aid of BitTorrent monitoring company Scaneye to see if anyone from the various movie studios was sharing torrents. What was found was definitely not a piracy free Hollywood.

While some of the activities found could be explained away as the studios potentially looking to see if they had internal leaks – for instance, Fast & the Furious 6 isn’t out, but there is a torrent out there claiming to be a DVD copy of it – others were pretty blatant acts of piracy. For instance, this screen shot of people using Paramount’s Internet connection to share Happy Feet 2, a movie released by Warner Brothers, makes it rather difficult to say that all of these activities are any sort of investigation or preventative measure.

Paramount torrents - 12-2012

There are examples out there now for this happening at Paramount, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney and Warner Brothers where someone was even in the process of sharing some pornography.

Of course, at the end of the day there is nothing to say that these are high level executives doing any of this, and for all we know it’s the guard in the gate house letting his laptop run while he checks the IDs of those rolling in to the studio. And therein resides part of the issue.

The studios have gone out to various Internet providers and asked them to send letters to users who allow illegal downloading on their network connections. They have also taken many people to court based on the IP address alone, and then saying it is the responsibility of the account holder to keep track of who uses the account. By that same logic, should we be seeing Barry Meyer – head of Warner Bros. – taking Brad Grey – CEO of Paramount – to court for sharing one of his company’s films?

We don’t advocate piracy here at TechnoBuffalo, but we do believe in fairness. If the studios can put pressure on Internet service providers to ban users who share torrents, and ask governments to pass stricter laws for the same reason, shouldn’t they also be cleaning up their own houses?

[Movie Piracy photo via Bigstock]