Four of the major Hollywood studios are rolling out premium video-on-demand rental options, with plans to charge a whopping $30 a pop for the rentals.

$30 for a rental? Movies will be flicks that have just left theaters, but that aren’t headed to DVD or traditional cable for a while. Initially Time Warner, Sony, Comcast, and News Corp.’s studios are on board, with movies headed to DirectTV and some Comcast cable networks in the near future.

While $30 is a pretty huge price tag, if you have a family of four (or maybe even 3) you would have more than likely shelled out that (or more) at your local theater to catch the exact same movie a week prior. Not to say your home and a theater are comparable, but for something like the most recent Harry Potter flick that you just missed in theater, it might be nice to have the option to catch it at home while everyone is still talking about it, rather than have too wait until it reaches traditional rental outlets.

So, $30 for the latest blockbuster in your home. Would you pay it?