Jolly ol' Gabe Newell and his friends and peers at Valve have decided to extend the Holiday Sale event currently running on the Steam marketplace.

Originally set to expire on January 5th, Valve announced by way of Steam that the sale will now run until Monday. Here's the exact verbage:

Gamers will have a final opportunity to get their favorite games on Steam. A select number of the most sought-after titles from the Steam Holiday Sale will reprise their biggest discounts for two additional days. The Encore Weekend begins at 10am PST on January 5th (Saturday) and run until 10am PST on January 7th (Monday).

With that bit about "a select number of the most sought-after titles," one would have to assume that gamers can look forward to the games that graced the top of the sales charts since the start of this discount period.

Personally, I love the Steam Sales. There's been a lot of chatter online about how dropping the price of games by 75% can actually devalue them in the long run, but speaking strictly as a gamer who likes to save some scratch, these discounts are awesome.

Have you picked anything up in this recent sale?