Every year, we're tasked with putting together guides of gifts we'd love to receive as lovers of all thing nerdy and tech. Every year, my guide is the gaming guide.

Not this year, friends. No. Now my guide is completely random and based entirely on stuff I'd actually love to get or already have and think would make a perfect gift for others. I like gadgets, kitchen stuff, coffee, games, tools and golf.

These are gifts I think other weirdos like me would dig.

Money is No Object

The best kitchen appliances money can buy

$5,000 and up

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I cook a lot. In fact, during a typical week, I'll spend almost as much time in the kitchen as I do in my office.

If I had some rich benefactor controlling the reins on my Holiday list, I'd be asking for a completely kitchen remodel. The most important element? I'd love some incredible appliances. I'm not talking small appliances like blenders, food processors or microwaves. I mean full-on ranges and intelligent fridges.

I've had my eye on a Viking every since seeing once in action. These are essentially professional grade ranges for the home, and they are seriously nice… if you can afford them. Be careful with stuff like this, though. You can wind up with appliances so pricey that you'd actually make your home worth more than your neighborhood average. In a bad way.

I'm drooling about an oven. Man.

Gifts Under $2,000

Money for a gaming PC


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This is one section I'll keep the same as last year. Gaming PCs are great, and a $2,000 budget for your gamer to build their own rig? That's a ton of money.

Let them pick the parts, build it themselves and spend the scratch leftover on games on Steam and GOG. They'll probably not even spend the two grand, quite frankly. It's not as pricey as you think.

Gifts Under $500

TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Iron Set


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I need new irons. You ever feel like that? Ever feel like you just need a new set of clubs? I do. I've been playing hand me downs my whole life. Which, hey, nothing wrong with that, but I'd love a fresh set for next spring.

I'm partial to TaylorMades simply because of having used them forever. I'm currently using Pings, and they're solid. I just know these clubs tend to be solid. $299.99 for a new set is pretty solid. Of course, never turn your nose up at used clubs if you're a little more strapped for cash.

Gifts Under $250


Misono UX10 Gyutou 8.2″ (21cm)

I mentioned I love cooking, right?

If you do a lot of cooking and, as is a part of the process, cutting, you know that the quality of your knives can not only affect the quality of the food you make, but also the pleasure you take in getting it done.

You ever try to saw through chicken with a knife someone hasn't taken care of? No fun. If you have a cook on your list, this Misono UX10 Gyuntou is a well regarded knife.

Just, make sure the person knows how to treat knives during cleaning and storage. Having this blade dull would be a waste of money.

Oh! And they come in left and right handed versions. It matters, because the knife is more beveled on one side.

Chef Knife


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DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Don't laugh.

If you take on any amount of projects around the home that involve woodworking, whether it's building a deck or putting up crown molding (woof), a miter saw is a solid addition to your arsenal. Sure, it's pricey if you don't do it often, but sometimes buying things like these lead to habit forming hobbies.

I made a wooden six-pack holder a few months back. Granted, I didn't use a miter saw, but still!

Miter Saw


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Gifts Under $100

Amazon Gift Card

Still stumped? Easy, go with a gift card. Amazon has pretty much everything under the sun, and $100 goes a long way towards buying one big thing or picking up a ton of little things.

I know that I dig gifts like these quite a bit. Sure, some folks think it's impersonal. I don't. I'd rather have this than, say, some random collection of DVDs.

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Gifts Under $50

Video Games

It's easy. For $50, any gamer on your list will be pleased as punch if you pick up any of these games. Just make sure they don't have a copy yet. In some cases, you'll be able to find these for less than $50, too.

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