Putting this list together was a lot harder than I had expected. With tech moving faster than ever, it's hard to figure out the difference between what you need and what you want. My criteria for this list, wasn't just to list a bunch of things that have me drooling as I stare at my computer screen, but rather things that fit into my lifestyle of tech, music, photography, and video making. One of the items on this list (it has a lot more zeros than the others) is pretty ridiculous, but the 10 year old in me couldn't resist.

Almost all of the items listed below are media related, whether it be creation or consumption, hopefully for the film, music, photo loving nerds out there this list will help your holiday shopping.

Money is No Object

Mclaren P1

$1.15 million

This year, McLaren, along with Porsche, released its very first hybrid hypercar. Putting down 903 horsepower, the P1 is a beast. But what puts this car above all others for me, is torque fill. In short, torque fill gives you the best of electric power, while still maintaining the savagery of an internal combustion engine. Combined with the fact that it's a Mclaren, you know every inch of this car has been engineered to perfection. If you're reading this, and can afford this car, I envy you. 

Though for the rest of us, if you click on the Amazon link above you can find the more affordable 1/43 scale model. I also hear that maintenance fees are a lot less on the miniature version. A lot less.

Gifts Under $2,000

Voigtlander 17.5mm F0.95


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For anyone who shoots photos and/or video on the micro 4/3 format, this lens is a dream. Equivalent to a full frame 35mm, the Voigtlander 17.5mm has a soft dreamy look when shooting wide open at F0.95, but is tack sharp anything past F1.4. Manual aperture and focus controls force you to slow down, look for composition, work with light, and create some truly stunning shots.

Pure video magic!

Gifts Under $500

Sonos Play 5

As a music lover (and sick of wearing headphones) the Sonos Play 5 is an awesome way to get your home theater started. I love how each speaker in the Sonos line up is powerful enough to stand on its own, but is still modular and can grow. Couple this with app integration so you can play music throughout your home, and the considerable punch these speakers pack, the Sonos Play 5 is a definite "recommend."

GG2013 - Sonos Play 5 - Product - Hero


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Xbox One

I'm already a current PS4 owner, but the Xbox One is a very enticing game system to me considering great exclusives such as Forza Horizon 2, and Halo 5 Guardians. If you're not into gaming, the Xbox One is still a great option to stream content from, and voice commands from Kinect are pretty awesome as well. Couple all this with the recent price drop, the Xbox One definitely has my attention.

GG2013 - Xbox One - Product - Hero


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Gifts Under $250

Moto 360

I've admittedly been a bit skeptical when it comes to smart watches. That was until I saw the Moto 360. Watches for the most people have become jewelry and that's what sells me on the 360. It looks absolutely stunning. So if you wear watches, why not get the Moto 360 and get the added benefits of having notifications from your phone? At a glance it could very easily be mistaken for the latest designer time pieces, though packed inside is a pretty impressive combination of brains and craftsmanship.

Moto 360 Press Images - 5


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Monster DNA Headphones (Black with Rose Gold)

As mentioned above, music runs my life and so I can never have too many headphones. These Monster DNA's are solid in terms of sound quality, but are superb when it comes to style. The black and rose gold color scheme is eye catching for sure, and yes part of the price tag for these headphones is based on the design and look of the device. Surely you can get a pair of headphones cheaper that my come close to the sound quality, but they probably won't be as eye-catching.

Monster DNA Headphones black rose gold


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Gifts Under $50

House of Cards Season 1/2 Blu Ray

Being a videographer, I'm a fanatic when it comes to films, more specifically anything David Fincher touches. Two years ago when House of Cards was released on Netflix I remember being planted on my couch, finishing the first season in 4-5 days. Superb acting, twisted plot, House of Cards leaves you disgusted and enthralled as you find yourself rooting for Frank Underwood as he manipulates, lies, and cheats his way through Washington. For people who don't have access to Netflix, the Blu Ray pack of either seasons 1 or 2, will be worth every penny.



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Fire TV Stick

Coming in at $39 ($19 with Amazon Prime) the Fire TV Stick is a steal. Granted I haven't gotten my hands on it yet, but at this price, the simple functionality of being able to stream content, watch Netflix, and Youtube is more than enough to keep me happy. This device is perfect for those who don't have a smart TV or some sort of media hub. I personally have an older Vizio TV at home and I'm most definitely looking to pick a Fire TV Stick for it.

Fire TV Stick - Remote - Portrait


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