That’s another Kickstarter game I can scratch off the ol’ list. Graphite Lab’s side-scrolling run ‘n gunner Hive Jump has just gotten a full launch on Steam after a successful Kickstarter and Steam Early Access run. Be sure to check it out today.

Hive Jump takes a lot of ideas and crams it into a game. One one level, you have a traditional run ‘n’ gun bug hunt that is powered by colorful and expressive pixel art. Soldiers dive deep into randomly-generated bug hives and wipe them out with a wide assortment of powerful weapons and useful power-ups.

These missions are preferably played co-op with other gamers.

On another level, the player wages a planetwide war with the bugs, using turn-based tactics and acquired abilities to seize large chunks of the planet. Each of these different modes plays into one another until you can fry the queen and liberate the planet.

Hive Jump is still coming to the Wii U, also

In its Kickstarter update, Graphite Lab has confirmed it will stick with the Wii U as the console’s second screen is a little too engrained in the gameplay not to.