It seems everywhere I turn the last few weeks, Kickstarter games I backed are finally climbing back into the limelight. One such promising project is Hive Jump, a throwback to classic Aliens inspired NES games like Metroid and Contra. Developer Graphite Lab has just confirmed a 2016 release window on both the PC and Wii U, further complicating my busy time budget.

Don’t let Hive Jump’s shooting fool you into thinking this is a mindless run-and-gun, either. This is a much smarter game that requires more than just spamming the right-analog stick. Hive Jump contains random levels and a tactical overmap in which a full-on war is played out between both the alien and human forces. Launching an offensive also forces players to deal with an alien counter-offensive. Leaving bases unprotected can displace your troops, interrupt the flow of your campaign, and even erase all the progress your campaign has made.

Co-op, distribution of weapons, navigating the random levels, and other important decisions all play out on a grand scale that is much more important than the simple gunfights that erupt below the planet’s surface.

And who can overlook those graphics either? It’s like a fireworks show of exploding neon alien bug guts! Yes, please!

Hive Jump will be released for the PC and Wii U in 2016.