Hey guess what! Hitman: Absolution is coming out this week! Lost between the mega launches of the Wii U and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Square Enix’s stealth assassination game seems to have slipped under a lot of radars.

Just to remind you, Square Enix has a dramatic new launch trailer that borders along the line of NSFW. From the look of the trailer, you’d never guess this was a stealth game with the legendary Agent 47 blasting shotguns and being none-to-subtle about the use of his katana. Yeesh!

There are glimpses of the silent kills and costume trading’s Mr. Clean is well known for. Silent pistols, throwing knives, it remains to be seen how much they’ve had to sacrifice from Hitman 2: Stealth Assassin‘s complex approach to make this one accessible to a wider audience. Based on this trailer, I would wager you’ll find plenty of traditional missions, but certainly a lot of what the hardcore fans decry as “mainstreaming” as well.

Regardless, early reviews have been positive, and I think both parties will be pleasantly pleased with the results. Hitman: Absolution will be arriving on November 20th to hthe PlayStation 3 Xbox 360, and PC.

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