IO Interactive and publisher Square Enix have come up with a brilliant way to extend the unique gameplay within the Hitman experience. Rather than playing through each individual mission multiple times until you explore every possible method of assassination (which you can obviously still do), players will be able to hop into Contract Mode.

Contract Mode, as the video above illustrates, allows any play to pick any target on any level in order to build a contract. That means every single NPC on screen in each level can be marked, opening the game up to a slew of challenging replays and online chest thumping.

As my headline suggests, I genuinely think this is a fantastic way to create artificial replay-ability. For those of us who really, really enjoy Hitman titles, the idea of a never ending set of dynamically changing contracts is inventive. Once the game's campaign ends, we can still explore brand new variety.

Hopefully the project is as awesome as it seems. I'd love to take this brand new Agent 47 for a spin, and soon. Are any of you folks from the herd planning on picking up Hitman Absolution when it drops? The game will sell for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms on November 20th of this year. It will also be playable through OnLive.

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