The makers of the app really sum it up well by saying "Digital Photography Never Looked So Analog."  They've dubbed the application as one that "brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras from the past."

You can use your finger to swipe through and change your lenses, flash choices and film options.  Under what they call a "HipstaPrint", you can add a unique touch to each of your photos so you can go through and find your favorite combination.

Through the application, you can share your photo-findings to your networks at Facebook and Flickr so that your friends and family can see your photography.  You can also send prints through email right from the application.

You can buy different lenses, flashes and film choices via in-app purchases or what they call, "HipstaMart", and various "HipstaPaks" consisting of bundles of lenses, flashes or films can be purchases at your convenience.

In this video, our own Jon Quach reviews the application and shares his impressions.

Have you used the application?  What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below!

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