iPhone 4S SiriOne of the most exciting things about the iPhone 4S, for me, is the new Siri assistant. If it works as described, it will be revolutionary, and it will change the way in which we use smartphones, mobile devices, and possibly even computers forever.

We’ve already seen a few hands-on videos of Siri in action, but none of them have asked Siri the kind of questions that we really want to know the answers to, such as the meaning of life, or where we can bury a body. Thankfully, a new blog aptly named Sh*t That Siri Says is getting those answers for us.

It’s still in the early stages of development, but already published are a number of conversations with Siri that have hilarious outcomes. You’ll be surprised what kind of response Siri gives to some requests, such as “Where can I get some drugs?” and “Who’s your daddy?” I’ve posted a few of my favorites below.

Funny things that Siri says

If you can’t find the answer from Siri that you’re looking for, you can submit questions to the blog and it will attempt to get them answered for you.

Not only does Siri look like it will be a magnificent personal assistant, but it also seems as though it could be your funniest friend.

What do you think?

[via This Is My Next]