We often forgot how oblivious some people are when it comes to new technology. For us, we live and breathe tech all year, so it's no problem. But not everyone is up to date—people have their reasons, whether it be lack of interest, or maybe they're just old school. Just like I would have no idea if someone approached me with a One Direction picture and asked me to name each member. Who are they?!

In this new Jimmy Kimmel video, a crew from the show capitalizes on Apple's recent iPhone announcement by tricking folks into thinking they're holding the iPhone 5S, when really it's just last year's iPad mini. Ha! Clearly the folks in the video have no clue what the differences are between an iPhone and iPad, so Kimmel is obviously just poking fun at people's tech ignorance and gullibility. One gal even licks the iPad after being told Apple's new device has a "Click it and Lick It" feature. Innovative!

Phones have been getting rather large over the last few years, so it's not a stretch that people can be tricked into thinking a tablet is a phone, or vice versa. Still, it's funny to see people genuinely say that the iPhone 5S is thinner and lighter (and has a click and lick feature) when clearly they're holding an iPad mini.