Amazon on Wednesday confirmed that it will air its very first Super Bowl ad spot during this year’s Super Bowl. The firm sent out a teaser of the clip, which features Alec Baldwin and former Dolphin’s quarterback Dan Marino. It’s pretty funny.

Baldwin and Marino are planning a game day party and are creating a list of items needed for the affair. So far, Marino has “Cheerleaders” and Snack Stadium” on his list. To me, that’s enough to get the party started. Baldwin has no idea what a “Snack Stadium” is, so he calls up Alexa on the Amazon Echo. “What’s a snack stadium?” he asks. “A stadium built entirely of snacks,” Alexa responds.

It sends the wheels inside Baldwin’s head spinning.. and he starts planning to build it.

What sort of “Snack Stadium” are we going to end up with? Perhaps Amazon will show us in the final ad during the Super Bowl. Take a look at the teaser clip below: