Since going rogue as an indie developer, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has been trying to get his new production studio Kojima Productions up and running. His first game, Death Stranding, is just as highly anticipated as it is weird.

However, the game is obviously not all Kojima has put his thoughts into. The developer recently shared a few photos of his working environment, and a place this stylish doesn’t just spring up overnight. From cool bar tables to a sterilized trophy room, there was obviously a lot of thought put into this place.

Man, I’m dying to know what that control panel in the trophy room does. There’s a button, and I want to push it so badly!

No cheery faces to greet you when you arrive

And what’s a studio without huge posters reminding you of the game you’re supposed to be working on when you get inside? I can’t imagine being greeted by a creepy spaceman, naked Norman Reedus, and a condescending scarface every time I show up for work in the morning.

Can you imagine if you’re late? Those stares would pierce my soul with guilt!