Silent Hills

Nothing to see here, folks!

Despite not working on Silent Hills anymore, Hideo Kojima still gets around to hang out with all of his old buddies from the development team. He’s already crossed paths several times with director Guillermo del Toro since the game’s cancellation, and the two have mentioned a desire to work together again.

Now he’s managed to catch up with Silent Hills and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus at a dinner of old buds.

Naturally, fans are looking deeper into this photo than they probably should. Hideo Kojima is currently working on a game through a collaboration with Sony and his new studio, Kojima Productions, and many are expecting he is “getting the band back together,” so to speak. Norman Reedus, who was the face of his Silent Hills product on all of the packaging, would be the best choice for a new actor to fill in whatever lead role Kojima is creating.

But again, he was just “giving an update.” No hiring, nothing official. It’s just speculation. Hideo Kojima has never once leaked information in this way at any point in his entire career…

You know… that’s not a selfie. Someone had to have taken that picture. Who else was at that table that night? Hint, it was probably a translator, but I secretly want to believe it was del Toro himself. I mean, look at the symmetry in those hands! You’d need a Hollywood director to set up that shot.