Hideo Kojima’s games have been getting bigger and bigger over the years, with Metal Gear Solid V being his biggest (and arguably best) ever. With an increasing game size comes a need for more creators of every variety.

Now that Kojima is out of Konami’s clutches, he has his own studio and can make a project entirely of his own devising. He’d wanted to make a small project to start, but found out as he traveled the world looking for the tech that will drive the game that just about everyone else was expecting something big from him. Kojima amped up his intentions, but it sounds like he’s still looking to keep a relatively tight rein on things. In a recent roundtable, translated by GameReactor, Kojima said that he’s “aiming to keep the staff less than 100 people.”

For comparison, his Metal Gear Solid team was up over 200 at one point, and some of Ubisoft and EA’s big games have had team sizes surpassing 500 and even approaching 1000. 100 isn’t a tiny studio by any means, nor is it exactly huge, but it gives us a good idea of the size of game he’s planning when we look at some of the comparisons out there. He managed to get a huge game out of 200 employees, so we can still expect something pretty impressive.

When will it come out? Good question. But it’s going to be an action game, it’ll be on PlayStation 4, and it’ll definitely be interesting.