If you tweet about the LEGO Batman Movie enough, they'll make a mini-fig based on your likeness. That's how it worked out for legendary game designer Hideo Kojima, anyway. The caped crusader's LEGO movie is in Japanese theaters now, and Kojima had tweeted about movie a number of times.

In response, Warner Bros. Japan made him one of a few personalities to immortalized in tiny plastic form. I hope he leaves his mini-fig on the floor and steps on it so he can see just how painful some of his plot twists over the years have been.

Kojima is a huge movie fan

When Hideo Kojima isn't directing huge games like the entire Metal Gear series or the upcoming Death Stranding – his first post-Konami game – he watches tons of movies. He tweets about movies constantly, offering up a monthly recommendation list and comments on whatever he's watching. His games have featured countless homages to various movies, as well.

Now that there's a Kojima mini-fig, however limited, maybe we can get a Metal Gear LEGO set. Or even a LEGO set to surpass Metal Gear.