I have no idea what Death Stranding is about. But there are few games I'm as excited for. Hideo Kojima has gone out of his way to be as vague as possible about his upcoming game, despite having shown us three trailers for it. At tonight's Game Awards, we got an in-depth, almost eight-minute look at it.

And we still don't know a thing.

This is the longest trailer for the game yet. It re-introduces us to actor Norman Reedus' character. As with the other trailers, the world is a barren, grey and rain-soaked one. Reedus' character and his still-standing partner seem to be recovering from a crash when they're attacked by whatever it is the game's antagonists are. The characters hold their breath for dear life as prints appear near them in the mud before the presumably alien life forms appear in the fog. One of the characters chooses death over being taken without hesitation, shooting his friend and then trying to shoot himself as he's lifted into the air. The strange baby from the second trailer (the one featuring Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen) reappears, too, and that's when things get weird.

Like they weren't weird before.

A giant, holding huge strands of something. Reedus' character is suddenly deep in the water. The camera goes into his mouth, down his throat, into his stomach, where a baby gives a thumbs up.


Kojima is working hard to keep us guessing about Death Stranding's story. One of the few spoken lines says, "once there was was an explosion, a bang which gave rise to life as we know it. And then, came the next explosion. An explosion that will be our last."

So what clues can we glean from the trailer?

It wouldn't be a huge surprise of Kojima went back to the idea of weapons of mass destruction, a topic he's attacked plenty of times in the Metal Gear games, but with a more interstellar perspective. The breathing and that light seem like obvious game mechanics, and I could even see having to kill your own (computer-controlled) teammates as part of gameplay, too. I still don't know what's up with the baby inside (and outside) Norman Reedus, which we'll call Norman Fetus.

But here we are with another Death Stranding trailer that tells us nothing, gives us no gameplay, no release date, and yet is still somehow magnetically fascinating. Sometimes the same game year after year is fine, but other times, it's fun to have absolutely no idea what the heck is going on.